Investment Process

Investing is a means to achieve future incomes. You set aside money, and having that money work for you. Investing should be profitable and worthwhile. Your future results depend on how you invest your money today. With no investment risk-free, it is crucial to plan forward and invest with a firm with proven success.

The best way to minimize risk and secure your investment is by high-level strategic asset management. Buying, renovating, managing, and selling the property, each phase of the investment has its challenges and requires specialized expertise to succeed frequently and reliably.

Nathan Holdings successfully operates a complete and established investment process to secure each of our partners’ investments. We showcase our proven track record for delivering steady returns over the short and long-term. We are specialists. Leveraging our vast experience both in the real estate market and the financial sector to calculate and minimize the risks involved. With our on-the-ground property expertise, we manage actively and efficiently and take advantage of opportunities to increase assets’ performance and deliver stable returns consistently.

Investment Scouting

In-depth research is core to our investment process. Based on our in-depth economic analysis, we set the required criteria for each investment in a property, with specific risk and return objectives.

We search and locate add-value properties to invest in, operating properties with a stable income we can scale up and outstanding potential.

Due Diligence

We begin our in-house due diligence process on a potential property to ensure that the investment is 100% suitable.

Our experts create a full underwriting and forecast, complete legal overview, and perform a thorough inspection of the property’s physical and environmental conditions.

Investment & Finance Strategy

We appraise and evaluate the asset base on financial factors such as cash flow and tenant covenant. Based on the due diligence results, we develop comprehensive business and improvement plans and financing strategies based on bank debt, cost, and terms.

Professional Renovation

We begin implementing the asset business and improvement plans. Saar Management, our privately owned property management company, covers everything on the ground, reducing costs, raising occupancy, and optimizing property value.

Efficient Proactive Management

Led by our onsite management team and management company, Saar Management, we command the property’s management, gradually increasing property revenue & cash flow. Investors receive Cash-On-Cash quarterly distribution from Q1.

Optimal Exit

We understand the distinct needs and requirements of investors. Our experience and position within the marketplace inform us and provide consistent results for choosing the optimum timing for an exit. We will manage the exiting process, obtain the property’s increased value, sell or refinance it, and return capital and accumulated profits to investors.