A Solid Foundation for Real Estate Investing

Nathan Holdings focuses on solid, long-term real estate investments that provide passive returns throughout the course of your investment

Nathan Holdings is a veteran real estate investment group specializing in locating, investing, and managing high-value, multi-family properties throughout the US. Headquartered in Florida, the group currently owns over 1000 units that represent over $100 million in assets. Maintaining a conservative and responsible investment profile.

Nathan holdings prides itself on its long-standing partnership with investors and banks.

Our Model

Our investors rely on us to make solid, low-risk investments that provide consistent returns together with capital gains; and to manage our properties efficiently. This is achieved because of our professional managers, accumulated experience gathered over many years, and a proven work model.

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Investment Scouting

We look for already operating properties, with solid income and outstanding potential.

Due Diligence

Our experts create a solid underwriting and forecast, full legal overview as well as preforming a thorough inspection of the physical and environmental conditions of the property.

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Business and Improvement Plans

Based on the results of the due diligence, we develop comprehensive business and improvement plans.

Professional Renovation

Our in-house team covers everything on the ground; reducing costs, raising occupancy, and optimizing property value.

Effective Property Management

Led by our onsite management team and management company, we secure the property’s management, gradually increasing NOI.

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Optimal Exit

At the optimum time, we realize the property’s increased value, selling or refinancing it, and returning capital and/or accumulated profits to investors.